Naviair has the goal of increasing the capacity in Danish airspace to keep up with the increase in traffic. We have some of the world’s best air traffic controllers, who safely and efficiently guide air traffic in Danish airspace to and from Danish airports.

There are many factors involved in the overall task of avoiding delays in modern air travel. Air traffic control is just one of them. The new air traffic management system can more easily separate and unite the individual sectors, and this provides greater flexibility in the airspace. With the new air traffic management system it will be possible to manage increasing air traffic and at the same time it will be possible to handle traffic more smoothly and efficiently.


A running-in period of 2-3 months before capacity is at 100%
Even though the changeover to the new air traffic management system will take place during a period of low traffic, we will not be able to manage all the aircraft all the time without delays. We know from international and our own experience that it takes time to run in a new system because the personnel have to practice procedures in using the new system. There will be a running-in period of 2-3 months before capacity is back to normal again.

The risk depends entirely on how many individual operations we can manage at a time during peak loads. Safety will never be compromised. With safety as a non-negotiable top priority, we will work determined to keep operational disturbances causing decreased capacity as few and as brief as possible. And we will keep our customers as well-informed as possible.

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How European air traffic is being planned
Since the mid-90s it has been the CFMU - Central Flow Management Unit - that plans air traffic in Europe and that coordinates traffic restrictions when required. This can be because of the weather or because there are capacity problems in one or more regions. The CFMU is part of Eurocontrol, the European air transport organization.

The CFMU receives data continually from all airlines regarding their planned flights in Europe. All air navigation service providers in Europe forward  lists to the CFMU of regulations concerning their airspace . When Naviair’s new air traffic management system goes into operation, the CFMU will have received information on possible regulations so they can plan the air traffic flow accordingly.

Based on information about planned flights and possible regulations, the CFMU coordinates European air traffic with the purpose to have as few delays as possible. If there are delays, these will be held on the ground by postponing departure times - rather than letting the aircraft stay circling around above their destinations.

All of these measures are intended to manage traffic in such a way that it is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.


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