Joint Programme Office to receive European funding

Joint Programme Office (JPO) has been awarded financial support to continue LFV, Naviair and NUAC’s common objective to create added value for all three organisations and maintaining a strong internal cooperation while aiming for higher efficiency.

Joint Programme Office
Joint Programme Office (JPO) is an organisation of cooperation between LFV, Naviair and NUAC. The objective is to run common programs which create added value for all three organisations, while keeping the high quality level standards and at the same time becoming more cost-efficient.

JPO’s task is to analyse, catalyse and coordinate technical initiatives across sites and countries – which contribute by lowering the cost bases in LFV and Naviair for future development. JPO reports to Naviair and LFVs top level management and is anchored as a strategic initiative.

The JPO vision
The JPO program is a joint initiative that is concerned with how LFV and Naviair manage the COOPANS system technically, conceptually and operationally. The main objective of the program is to reduce the cost bases in LFV and Naviair and by supporting NUAC in realising its business performing targets.

The program vision is “One system and concept for NUAC/LFV/Naviair that enables a cost efficient and excellent Air Navigation Service”. Once implemented the program will provide tangible cost savings for LFV, Naviair and NUAC.

With the funding awarded the LFV and Naviair pioneer work can continue in their strive for becoming the best and most innovative ATM-providers.

Note to editors
For further information please contact Program Manager, JPO, Annette Kær Kristensen +45 23380053.




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