Naviair announces new CEO

Carsten Fich (58) is set to become the new CEO of Naviair on 1 May 2018.

CarstenFich_300x300Carsten Fich holds an MSc and PhD from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He has previously held senior executive positions in several Danish companies. From 2006–2015, he was the CEO of Nordgroup a/s – formerly Kommunekemi a/s. He was also part of the management team at the Ørestad Development Corporation company for 10 years, where as COO, he helped to develop and commission the Copenhagen Metro and establish the infrastructure in Ørestad.

Carsten Fich replaces Morten Dambæk, who is retiring after serving 17 years as the CEO of Naviair.

“We have found the right man to guide the development Naviair must undergo in the coming years to continue to be one of the world’s best and most effective providers of air traffic management and related air navigation services. I am convinced that Carsten Fich will succeed in continuing and to further developing the string of the strong results Naviair has achieved since the company was established in 2001. He is well qualified to ensure that the company is equipped to meet the challenges facing the industry, which will require a steady hand at the helm to steer the necessary change processes both structurally and in terms of technical advancements. I am looking forward to working with him,” said Naviair’s Chairman, Anne Birgitte Lundholt.

“I have a lot of respect for the results that Naviair has already achieved, and I am pleased to take on this role in such an exceptionally well-run company with competent employees and a strong management team. I look forward to joining the team and taking Naviair to the next level of the development process,” said Carsten Fich.

At the same time as Carsten Fich assumes the role of CEO, the Board has appointed Naviair’s former CFO, Søren Stahlfest Møller, as Deputy CEO.

“Søren Stahlfest Møller has been a part of Naviair’s senior management since 2015 and has been the company’s CFO for several years. So with him as Carsten’s right hand, we know that he will have the strongest possible start at Naviair – also with regard to continuity,” said Anne Birgitte Lundholt.

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